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About JoJo Doula


JoJo Doula is a mummy, baby, family enthusiast who has undertaken training with 'Nurturing Birth' and 'Paramana Doula' and is a fully recognised doula with Doula UK and a post natal doula mentor for both Doula UK and Abuela Doula.

A doula will hold the birth space, advocate, be the voice of reassurance and do her upmost to maintain a calm environment that allows women to have a memorable birth. Doulas are not medically trained, do not perform clinical procedures or examinations or give medical advice. A doula will hold your hand, give physical and emotional support, words of reassurance and do her upmost to orchestrate a birth space that is conducive to an empowering birth experience. A doula will provide support in your home the days and weeks after you have given birth, to hear your birth story, cook you a meal and above all listen without judgement.




It is sometimes the smallest things that make all the difference to a labouring mother, concerned partner or new mum. Approaching these scenarios with mindfulness and an open heart is at the core of everything I do as a doula.

My philosophy can be defined by three words nurture, inspire, empower. From the first contact with the parents to be, I endeavour to nurture honest communication to gain a clear understanding of the woman's desires for her birth and how I can nurture these needs, whether at home, birth centre or hospital, it's my role to adapt. There is nothing more inspiring than being part of a pregnant woman's journey into motherhood. Being involved with such wonderful intimacy as it unfolds is what inspires me as a doula.

Being pregnant in the modern world can leave many people feeling either over or under informed. The calming reassurance from a doula that has knowledge and experience of pregnancy and birth really helps to eliminate any fears that may arise which in turn empowers women to make informed choices.

As with many major life events it's not just the final result, but rather the sequences and process of how we arrived there that etches its way into our memory. The empathetic presence of a doula throughout the birthing process has shown to have more favourable outcomes for mother and baby. In fact various evidence based studies have shown that with a doula in attendance there is less clinical intervention, significantly less need for analgesia, forceps, ventouse and caesarian. As well as a decreased use of oxytocin augmentation and an increased sense of personal control for the labouring mother.

I am constantly moved by personal birth stories and enlightened by the works of such Birth illuminaries as Ina May Gaskin, Michel Odent and Sheila Kitzinger to name a few. My former mentor Mars Lord a mother of five and doula with fourteen years experience, impressed upon me the importance of evidence based research within the field of birth and newborns. It's not good enough for me to lean on my experience, I make it my goal to provide new families with up-to-date gold standard information.



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