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JoJo's Biography


My journey to 'doula' in many ways feels like a natural progression. I have worked with families as a nanny for over eighteen years and more recently a maternity nurse. Ten years ago a dear friend and fellow nanny asked me to be her birth companion, little did I know this great honour would alter the path of my career and challenge me to retrain and educate myself regarding all things birth and pregnancy. Most importantly it opened my eyes to the needs of a woman during labour and that of the family unit after the birth.

The awesome experience of birth has the profound effect of opening us up to something bigger and unstoppable. As a doula you never stop learning, no two women are the same and no two births. How we approach each birth that makes all the difference, knowing when to be silent, when to offer words of encouragement, when to hold and when to fade into the background.

I'm happiest when I'm cooking, dancing the night away (too infrequently!) and walking my beloved dog Dolly. I'm naturally gregarious and drawn to people who love to laugh. I'm a lifelong Liverpool fan, avid traveller, devoted aunty, book lover and gym procrastinator.