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Kindred Parents

Kindred Parents


We are four birth and baby professionals who have come together to orchestrate a parent prep course that will engage hearts and minds, forge friendships and motivate communities. It’s our mission to enliven antenatal teaching through various interactive mediums, engaging meaningful conversation provoking enquiry and always making it memorable. It’s our hope that the combination of teachings and support leaves all parents feeling informed with an authentic faith in the human body and a conscious awareness of their parenting journey.


The Course


The course is divided into five Saturday sessions, run over eight weeks and includes Birth and Newborn prep, Hypnobirthing, Paediatric First Aid and Breastfeeding education. In spacing out the course it gives parents a chance to digest the information and utilise it to make informed maternity decisions as their pregnancy develops.  Membership includes the full five session course, weekly parent baby meet-ups and access to our online info library.



Jo Dunn
Birth & Newborn Prep

Jo Dunn was born and raised in Liverpool and has called London her home for over thirteen years. The sense of community so intrinsic to Liverpudlians is something that has never left Jo and is a driving force behind her creation of Kindred Parents. Fully aware that it takes a village to raise a child, Jo seeks to create a village of families connecting to their greater communities, so that mothers do not feel alone and fathers deeply connected to the experience of parenthood.



Marie-Claire de la Seigne-Rodriguez embodies a diverse wealth of experience that draws upon her perspective as a healer and intuitive and her wisdom as a birth doula. She’s a visionary working towards helping men and women tap into the places they hide from the outer world, their place of power and knowing, ultimately their instinct.


Angie Ellis

Angie Ellis exudes the kind of warmth and positivity that puts everyone in her company at ease. Her commitment to breast-feeding support started over fifteen years ago and has paid off, seeing her in lead roles as breastfeeding advisor and more recently having implemented The Unicef Baby Friendly initiative over two London hospitals. She currently divides her time between working for the NHS as infant feeding lead, privately as a lactation consultant and as a Breastfeeding Specialist supporting women in the antenatal and post-natal period. What this woman doesn’t know about breastfeeding isn’t worth knowing!


Krista Street
First Aid

Krista Street has a sunny disposition that is both welcoming and open, this could be down to her Aussie nature or the fact that she has nurtured many families as a nanny. Her gravitation towards paediatric first aid comes after many years in various countries working with children and recognising the value of having first aid to hand when it’s absolutely needed.

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