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Parent Stories


Parent Stories



Myself and my partner were so lucky to have Jo as our doula. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Her support during my pregnancy was invaluable. No question was ever too much too ask. Her research knowledge is very extensive which was so helpful when there’s a tonne of info out there, which can sometimes make it difficult to filter relevant studies.

The antenatal class was very informative and interesting and Jo’s warmth and sense of humour made it super fun too. The confidence boost I received leading up to the birth was extremely important for my well being and sense of “I’ve got this”.

Having Jo at our side through the birth was as important for me as for my partner. I strongly believe her calm and nurturing energy in addition to her assertiveness and experience played a big part in making the birth of our son Axel the amazing experience it turned out to be. Jo knew what kind of birth I wanted and to know that she was there, having my back at all times made it possible for me to just focus 100 % on birthing my son.

Cecilia, Kensal Rise

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My husband and I as first time prospective parents were worried about how we'd deal with labour in the unfamiliar environment of hospital.

We booked Jo to ensure we had an experienced person on hand to act as an advocate for us should we need help to make any important decisions on the day.

Jo helped us to ensure we negotiated to get wi-fi (portable) monitoring of the baby and to be able to feel confident to say no to unnecessary antibiotics. She was also a constant source of support for both myself and my husband during our 38 hour labour - that helped keep us calm (and therefore the baby calm). We're now proud parents of a happy, relaxed 3 year old thriving boy.

Nina, Stoke Newington


We employed Jo as  a postnatal doula when about 3 weeks in (and my husband returned to work) I realised I needed some support and as we only needed ad hoc hours a friend suggested researching a good doula. Its a strange dynamic having a stranger in your house in those early weeks post giving birth, you are very fragile, exhausted and extremely sensitive but as soon as Jo walked through the door I knew that she was the girl for us. She interviewed very well was obviously extremely knowledgable and experienced with all things 'baby' which filled me with huge amounts of confidence. She immediately set about helping me breastfeed (something I was struggling with and no mean feat with 2 hungry boys screaming for food!) and managed to help me without seeming bossy or like she was taking over. When the right person takes charge it takes so much of the anxiety and pressure off you in those early weeks. Jo did everything to support me which enabled me to concentrate on my two new babies. Nothing was ever too much for Jo and she was always cheerful and smiley throughout (and believe me there were stressful moments!) We absolutely adored Jo and were devastated when our time was up and it was time for her to move onto pastures new. We are still trying to convince her to give it all up, move in with us and stay forever!! Sadly she is much to committed to her work as a doula to take us up on this offer!

Ally, Acton

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I cannot recommend Jo Dunn more highly. She supported me postnatally after I had my first child in July 2013. She came to the hospital the day he was born, taught me successfully how to breast feed, and then cared for my baby and I for the next few months. I think what singles Jo out - besides her great know of newborns and what new mums and babies need to thrive- is her ability to teach women how to grow into mums, so that they are confident and self-sufficient in their own ability. She has a natural approach, loves babies and is a pleasure to have around at an intimate time.

Jane, Queens Park


Jo was the best investment I made in my birth. This was our second child. We live away from family, so I felt the need for more support for myself and my partner. That is exactly what Jo provided over my pregnancy and 24hr labour. I was wanting something better suited for our family needs than a hospital birth.  After our first meeting I was committed to a home birth and it was exactly the birth I had been searching for. It was such a relief to speak with her when unnecessary medical intervention was suggested. She helped give me the confidence and voice I needed to see my birth through how I envisioned. Jo has a special gift of being a tremendous presence without taking up space.

Cortney, Barnes

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They say it takes a village to raise a child... A village and a JoJo doula to raise twins! We felt comforted by the nurturing philosophy underpinning Doula-hood. To know that these very little people were in loving hands, where baby-led decisions were being made, meant we could get the support we needed without feeling like we were compromising the well-being of our children. Not only are doulas an extra pair of hands they are another heart and soul to truly care for your babies.

Manda, South Hampstead


Jo has provided amazing and heart felt support through the birth of my daughter Margaret. My labour was very long and difficult and she has been there through every step of the way, taking care of me, encouraging me and making me feel safe and in control.

I found her outlook on pregnancy and birth very refreshing – as amazing events every woman is naturally capable of embracing as a subject rather than as a patient in need of medical management –  and her capacity to deeply empathise with and often anticipate my needs whilst remaining calm and positive made a real difference to me.

Sylvia, Kensal Green

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As a single mother-to-be I knew I wanted a doula for reliable support throughout labour and in the early days after birth. After researching and interviewing doulas I learned the most important element was personal chemistry: to feel confidence and trust in the person who would be supporting me at such an intimate and significant time. I can’t imagine Jo wouldn’t click with many people, given her innate warmth and humour. I’m so glad I found her as she ended up being crucial to my birth experience. She is experienced and knowledgable and was able to provide answers to my many questions and guide me to other resources when I needed help on everything from equipment to supplements to birthing practices.


Most importantly, her support was unflagging when things didn’t go perfectly during the birth (apparently they rarely do!). My baby and I experienced a traumatic start and Jo was an absolute rock. It meant so much to me that she was there and even when she wasn’t, in the weeks afterwards, she still checked up on me, showed genuine concern, and was available to talk when I needed to. I have parents, a brother and friends, but her support vastly outweighed them all. Sometimes the people closest to you can’t give you meaningful emotional or practical support. A good doula will do that. Even if you have a partner, their fear or anxiety sometimes gets in the way. I’d whole-heartedly recommend a doula like Jo to support anyone, whether they have a partner or not. Jo will focus solely on you and your needs (while no doubt being sensitive to your partner, if you have one), and support you with full-hearted warmth, genuine care and reliable experience. I dread to think what my birth experience would have been like without her. In short, I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Melanie, Highgate