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Why Hire a Doula

Why Hire a Doula?


Why should I hire a doula?

The women that have used my services felt my support enabled them to labour with the security of consistent care and an advocate for their needs.

The 2011 Cochrane review

Continuous support for women during childbirth'
found that:

  • 31% Decrease in the use of Pitocin pain medication.
  • 28% decrease in the risk of c-section.
  • 2% decrease in the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth.
  • 9% decrease in the use of any pain medication.
  • 14% decrease in newborns being admitted to Neonatal Units.
  • 34% decrease in mothers being dissatisfied with their birth experience.

    Visit Cochrane website

I am a first time mum with no baby experience, how can a doula help me?

Whether its your first or your fifth baby, I work to your families individual needs. I ensure that I am up to date with current birth and baby information. I can offer guidance from birth to breastfeeding, sleep patterns and daily care of a newborn.

Who requires postnatal services? 

The early weeks after your baby is born should be about the family recuperating and bonding. Imagine if you didn't have to think about mundane domestic chores and could simply enjoy this precious time. A post natal doula is able to perform some domestic duties as well as answer all your questions and offer kind considerate support.

What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

Doula is an ancient Greek term meaning to 'mother the mother' This is precisely what we do! Doulas do not provide clinical procedures or give medical advice. I provide continous emotional, informational and practical support to labouring mums and new mothers.

Can I be assured family privacy and intimacy is maintained with a doula present?

Doulas are experts at being able to maintain an atmosphere of privacy. My experience  supporting families has taught me when to be present, answering questions and offering suggestions and when to fade into the background.

I am worried my partner will feel left out at the birth?

Its part of my role to ensure fathers feel involved and comfortable regarding all aspects of the birth and postnatal period. The antenatal sessions are equally about getting to know each other and this includes encouraging dads to be to be fully informed about all things birth. We chat about your ideas around birth and your experience around babies and answer any questions dads to be often have stored up! 

At what point during my pregnancy should I look for a doula?

Women generally contact me around 25-30 weeks. Any time before your ninth month, with enough time to schedule three antenatal appointments.

My friends have all had maternity nurses, whats the difference?

A maternity nurse will focus her care on the baby. A postnatal doula specialises in care of the entire family unit, Including some help with domestic chores allowing new mums to focus on their baby. A doula will also care for newborns allowing mums to rest, shower, take a break. Doulas are trained to support all aspects of breastfeeding. 

Do you come to my home when I go into labour? 

Most labouring mums find it beneficial to have support at home during early labour, this totally depends upon you. Support at home can often mean mothers feel calmer and will labour at home for the first stage, feeling more in control to make the transfer into hospital.

I had my baby a few weeks ago and I think I'll need support for the weeks ahead?

Give me a call and we'll chat about my availability and your needs.

I am an experienced mum, how can a postnatal doula help me?

I'm an extra pair of hands to help care for siblings, oversee household tasks are taken care of, or make a family dinner. Maybe you would like to do things differently this time and would appreciate an experienced perspective.

Your services look ideal, but I don't think I can afford the cost! 

My services can be gifted by family and friends through gift vouchers available through Doula UK. Depending upon your financial circumstances you maybe entitled Doula support through the Doula UK Access Fund. 

How do I book JoJo Doula? 

To book my services I require that 50% of the fee is paid in advance with the remainder paid one week before the on call period commences.

To book my postnatal services I ask that two weeks worth of sessions are paid in advance. Receipt of payment for either of the services is followed by a receipt and contract emailed to you.

I would love to set up a phone consultation and answer any questions you have. Please email or call Jo 07845 659557

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